Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fudging It!

Sometimes we want these arcs to go exactly where we want them but they are off a little bit. What a pain!
Here is a neat little trick that will help you out a bit.

This is where you want your arc to end. What to do? Never fear!
If you want that arc to end somewhere else, you can fudge it a bit.
This would be the normal placement of the anchor post, but you can move the post
and change where your arcs will end.

Lay the EZ ARC template with the notch over the point where you want your arc to end
and the hole for the anchor post near where it would normally be positioned.

Move the anchor post as necessary to make the end of the arc line up. 
When you stitch the arc, it will end where you want it.
Piece of cake - fudge cake!

Happy Stitching!