Tips & Techniques

Securing the Anchor Post

The TopAnchor system is different from anything else we’ve ever used in longarm quilting before and it usually takes a little while to get used to using it. These are some tips that should help, but don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

)         Use a permanent marker to mark the bottom of the anchor post where the U shape is. This will show where to place the stabilizer pin.

)         Use a scooping motion to put in the anchor pin.

)         Having the edge of the extension table where you want to put the anchor post helps out a bit by raising up the quilt along the table’s edge.

)         After the anchor post is in, tilt it to the side or even lift up on it so that the tip of the stabilizer pin hits where the U shape is on the prong, then tilt to the other side so the stabilizer pin comes back out close to the prong. The closer the pin and prong meet, the tighter the fit.

)         Make sure the stabilizer pin is going under the U in the prong.

)        Practice on a small separate quilted piece to get the feel of using the prong and stabilizer pin together. I have a little ball (stuffed & quilted) at my workbench for testing all of the anchor posts.

Moving the Template

)         Once you have a tight fit of the anchor post and stabilizer pin, the stitched arcs will get much better.

)         Just touch the guide and hopping foot together; they don’t have to be held tightly. This will get easier as you get more practice. They should be holding hands, not arm wrestling.

)         Try keeping your palm on the anchor post. Sometimes that little bit of extra weight helps keep the stitching steady.

Watch the demonstration videos on our website for more tips and tricks.

But most of all - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. You didn't learn to quilt in one day either.

The main thing is to keep trying. If you start getting frustrated, put it down and go do something else for a while. Once you get the hang of it, you will love how the TopAnchor system works.


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