Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baptist Fan longarm quilting tool

After nearly two years developing the Baptist Fan longarm quilting tool, it was finally announced to the public and made available on December 10, 2012. The response has been tremendous and better than we hoped!  YEAH!

What makes this tool unique is the patent-pending TopAnchor system that allows the template to rotate around a stationary anchor post; the template and hopping foot are both moved together at the same time to create the stitching pattern. This is very different from using other longarm templates, which remain stationary while you stitch around them.

All work is done directly in the stitching area with no need to walk behind the machine or reach under the quilt, and no other parts or accessories are needed to make it work.

The Baptist Fan template is the first of several longarm tools using the unique TopAnchor system. Watch for announcements in early January 2013!

The question asked most often is whether these tools can be used with regular sewing machines and the answer is sorry, but no. Since the template and hopping foot both move over a stationary quilt, it can only work with a longarm machine. However, there are other tools on the market for use in machine quilting, and youTube demos of them. 

Update: after extensive testing, we have determined that the Star & Dahlia templates will work for free motion quilting as long as you have a round foot like the hopping foot on a longarm quilting machine. Check out the information on our website here:

We now have a webstore set up at and a new Yahoo! users group 
is open to everyone whether they have the tool or are just interested in seeing how it works.
On facebook:
You can even see the Baptist Fan template used to create a quick and easy continuous Baptist Fan on youTube:

Stay tuned! There is much more to come!

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