Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Way the Toes Go!

While stitching footprints using the new feather wreath template, I discovered that it makes a huge difference which way you stitch circles for the toes. You can see this difference plainly in the photo above. The line connecting the toes needs to be under the toes (left) and not on the outside (bottom right).  (Smaller stitches will help smooth out the design as well, but that's another subject.)
Stitching these was so much fun! This is a design I'm sure to use often in baby quilts, as wreaths but mostly just in arcs or even part of an overal freehand pattern. Love those footprints!
Feather Wreath Template Update
The graphic artist sent new artwork for the feather wreath template, which I signed and returned. He is sending a prototype for approval, and then next comes pricing and production. How exciting!

Create-A-Wreath Contest Update
The contest entries have been coming in and they are amazing! You folks are way beyond creative! I wish I could share them but you will have to wait until the contest is over.

Contest entries are due in another week so keep working on them! Anyone can enter even if you don't have a longarm quilting machine. It's the design that counts; you can send pictures of pen or pencil drawings, or stitched designs.

Don't forget you have until
midnight on January 31 to enter the
Create-a-Wreath Contest!
Happy Stitching!

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